Color Econ Bumper Plates

  • $54.00

Organize your weight room with Diamond Pro Color Econ Plates.  These plates offer all of the same functionality of the Black Econ Bumper Plates with the nice Color Variant per size.  With Grey 10lb, Orange 15b, Green 25b, Yellow 35b, Blue 45b, Red 55b.  You will be able to go straight to the plate you want and avoid wasted time looking for your equipment. 
Just like the Econ Bumper Plate the color plates have the 450mm diameter and has the olympic 1.98" sleeves for a smooth but snug fit on spec olympic bars. 


  • Bar: Olympic/Power/Functional Fitness/Multipurpose
  • Material: Virgin Rubber
  • Insert: Fitted Stainless Steel
  • Insert ID: 50mm (1.9685 inches)
  • OD: 450mm (17.7165 inches)
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 0.5LB
  • Performance; Dead Bounce
  • Durometer: 85-90
  • Color: Black/Color
  • Guarantee/ Warranty: 3-year warranty on the 25, 35, 45, and 55LB; 180 day on the 10 and 15LB plates
  • Made in the USA: No 
Bumper Plate Thickness
  • 55LB Plate Width: 3.50"  
  • 45LB Plate Width: 2.80"  
  • 35LB Plate Width: 2.45"  
  • 25LB Plate Width: 1.80"
  • 15LB Plate Width: 1.25"  
  • 10LB Plate Width:   .90"